K2 Tragedy

03.08.2008. - Stipe Božić

11 climbers dead on K2

under bottleneck 1993.

The list of dead:

Day one (on the way UP): Serb climber DREN MANDIC and Pakistani climber name withhead; (2)

Descent: Hwang Dong-jin, Park Gyeong-hyo and Kim Hyo-gyeong all of Korean (souce Korean expedition) ; one Sherpa, name withheld; Rolf Bae (his family wishes further information and details not be reported on him) (5)

With Gerard McDonnel Irish is still missing and the French leader HUGUES still missing ….. (2, “Missing”.) Gerard family has given up hope…

Rescuers: One Sherpa and One Pakistani climber; names are being withheld at this time. (2)