Late Night rescue from cruiser

16.11.2011. - Stipe Božić

On Tuesday, at 20.48 AM Emergency Center 112 Split received a request for launching rescue miision of Turkish citizen. The mission, headed members of HGSS with a helicopter of the Croatian army.

On Tuesday, at 20.48 AM COUNTY 112 Split received a request from the Centre for Search and Rescue 9155 in Rijeka for launching rescue Turkish citizen born in CM, 1984. Who suffered heart attac during travel cruisers “Crystal serenity”, where the same was a member of the crew.
Cruiser was on transit between Dubrovnik and Venice, at the position between the islands of Lastovo and Susac. Emergency Center 112 Split immediately activated the helicopter crews from Air Force Divulje and team members HGSS (which were the two doctors). At 21.50 hours flew on the heliport Hospital Split the cruisers, which was located 2.5 nautical miles southwest of Veli Vodnjak (Hell’s Islands), and after they arrived at 22.08 am they started the complex action of pulling the person. Helicopter rescue was difficult because it is designed to run at night. For purposes of regulating the speed of the ship and coordination of activities in this complex action ŽC 112 Split is 22.16 hours set up a conference call between CMRS team leader, the first officer of the ship, the Coast Split Radio and MRCC Rijeka. After a brief survey and alignment work with the rescue helicopter approached the ship, after which the deck of the ship dropped two mebers of Croatian Rescue Service who prepared and provided the patient in a vacuum stretcher, after which they performed a winch to pick up the hovering helicopter. The operation was closed for about 20 minutes after which the patient was transferred by helicopter to the heliport next to University Hospital in Split, where he was waiting for a vehicle of the Institute for Emergency Medicine and was hospitalized at the Department of Cardiology at Križine. At the end of the campaign was received a request for urgent medical transport another patient with the island, so the same helicopter after it landed in a patient with cruisers Split to Hvar off by another patient who was taken to the heliport Hvar and transported and hospitalized at University Hospital in Split.