Garry Kasparov beat Stipe Bozic

20.07.2012. - Stipe Božić

By providing support for action “Chess with the school” and contribute to the celebration of 100th anniversary of the Croatian Chess Federation and is also celebrating 20 years of their arrival on holidays in Croatia, one of the greatest chess player of all time Garry Kasparov played simultaneus game against 18 Croatian citizens. Opposite sat chess greats, among others, Kastela and Vukovar mayor Josko Berket and Zeljko Szabo, the Croatian national football team coach Igor Stimac, alpinist Stipe Bozic and boxer Damir Skaro. Kasparov had opposed the cadet chess champion Dalmatian Luka Saric and Ivan Vrankovic, and the youngest was his opponent Filip Vucic, second grade students in elementary school.

Kasparov won on all plates, and the last was defeated Ivan Vrankovic.