Book promotion TOMAŽ Humar

04.12.2012. - Stipe Božić

In Kinoteka in Split, held a thematic evening dedicated to climbing the famous Slovenian climber Tomaž Humar.

Special guest of the program was a Himalayan veteran Croatian Stipe Bozic, Tomažev friend, companion and cameraman on numerous expeditions. As part of the program are shown documentaries Reticent Wall and Dhaulagiri Express. After the screening of films presented at the Croatian edition of Tomaz Humar biography of Canadian author Bernadette McDonald recently published by the publishing house Libricon . The book was first released in Great Britain 2008. , The same year she won the prestigious Keko Naoroji Award for best book of a mountain theme, and then performed in the U.S., Canada, Italy , Poland, Slovenia and Croatia now . The entire proceeds from the program go to a fund We Must Climb , an initiative to educate climbers in Croatia.ž-Humar_b264.aspx