Jams and conflict on Everest

29.04.2013. - Stipe Božić

A group of Sherpas who fix the ropes on the “normal” route on Mount Everest yesterday attacked Ueli Steck, Simon Shore and Jon Griffith.

Online forums are flooded with almost incredible news from the slopes of Mount Everest. A group of Sherpas who fixed ropes on te “normal” route on Everest yesterday attacked Ueli Steck, Simone Shore and Jon Griffith. Three climbers were performed acclimatization climb to their camp 2, which is located at an altitude of 7200 meters. Here they met with a group of Sherpas, who have banned use their ropes that are just fixed for their clients. Steck, Moro and Griffith are thus move fifty yards away, so as not to interfere with Sherpas. On arrival in the tent they had to cross over fixed ropes. Obviously this was a very troubled leader Sherpa and developed verbal confrontation on the border of physical violence. Steck and Moro have unsuccessfully tried to calm the situation. Later, when they returned to camp 2, Ueli and Simone were attacked about a hundred Sherpas threatening them with death. Sherpas throw stones, and the media reported on the serious injury to Steck face, while Moro and Griffith suffered minor scratches.

Obviously, fair play, when it comes to commercial expeditions, more missing. And the previous year has been dreadful scene due to congestion arising fixed routes to the “Roof of the World”. I remember my first unpleasant experience in 1989. when I was with Viki Grošelj climbed the “normal” route to the top of Mount Everest. Then we have some expedition leaders wanted to ban our climbing, because we have come too late, a month after all. On the end we climbed before all of an it destroyed the reputation of clients who have paid up to 75 000 dollars for the place on the highest peak of the world.