7 summits

27.03.2017. - Stipe Božić

In the spirit of Marco Polo, who also came from Croatia
– the town of Korcula
on the Adriatic coast – he travels via the highest European peak
of Mont Blanc
to the summits of the Asian Hindu Kush
. He takes his camera to the highest summit in the world, Mount Everest, in an expedition led by Tone Skarja and to the second and third highest summits in the world, K2 and Kanchenjunga with Viki Groselj
from Slovenia

. On one of his journeys to the Himalayas
Bozic meets and interviews the first man to have climbed that highest mountain, Sir Edmound Hilary

. CarlosCarsolio
from Mexico
also participated on some expeditions to Himalayas

Josko Bojic
, cameraman from Croatian Television (HRT), accompanied Stipe Bozic
throughout on “The Seven Summits” expedition
cameraman and director / TV serial with 18 films