Motivational speaker

19.04.2017. - Stipe Božić

With the help of my own slides and video clips, I am trying to tell the story of my experience in the organization of the sports and television venture SEVEN SUMMITS, in which I climbed the highest mountains of all seven continents and about which I produced a documentary series and wrote a book.


Motivation comes from the word motive and it is a reason for doing something. So if you have a goal in mind – your “what” you want to achieve – then your motivation ensures that you don’t run out of gas before you get to your destination. Motive! It comes from within! No one can command you.

It is very important to know:
Where ideas come from and how they arise before project planning?
How I do the first step and developing an idea with possibilities?
Can I do it at all from the sporting and financial aspects?
Who are my strategic partners?

For successful project I have to give myself completely to it, and be aware that I will have to do most things myself. Because if I believe in the project, it can be seen and transferred to others.
I have to be careful about choosing the team with whom I will prepare a project and with whom I will travel. In addition to experience and necessary qualifications, team members must be friends or at least tolerant of each other.
Competition! Other people’s successes in business and sports make me happy and motivate me to do an even better climb or film. Exchanging experiences with other alpinists, writers and television authors reinforces my belief that I am on the right path.
I must learn how to behave in crisis situations and what to do to overcome them.
In the end, celebration is also important, but in my case it’s not good to celebrate too early, while I’m at the top, because the summit, in my case, is only half the way I’ve gone.

Motivational speaker