“Marco Polo” Award

12.12.2010. - Stipe Božić

Croatian Stipe Bozic travel writer and a famous American journalist and writer Jim Thompson won the award of the Croatian Journalists’ Association called “Marco Polo – the famous travel writer.”

Croatian travel journalists have this solemn occasion marking the 100th anniversary of the Croatian Journalists Association (CJA), 50 Anniversary Section of travel journalists on the CJA and 45th Anniversary FIJET Croatian (Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers of tourism). Plaques and thanksgiving, and the sculpture “Marco Polo” handed the president of the Association of Journalists and tourist FIJET HR Tina Eterović Critic. Sculptures “Marco Polo”, awarded at the ceremony, the work of Croatian sculptor Lujo Lozica. This award is given annually by the best Croatian travel writer, and the member FIJET a travelogue for the best reportage on the host country of the previous Congress FIJET.

Tourism Minister Damir Bajs, taking part in the ceremony, stressed the role of journalism in promoting tourism and raising awareness about the importance of tourism development with all our parts.

As a continuation of previous successful collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in September the following year, Croatia will host the first World Forum of tourism journalists. Those were the main topics of the meeting the Minister of Tourism Damir Bajs, UNWTO consultant and president of the World Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers of Tourism (FIJET) Tijanija Haddad and President FIJET Turkey Ozcan Sandikçioğlua.

FIJETje World Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers in the tourism industry, established in 1954th in Paris, and also the oldest international association of travel journalists. The mission of the association, which now has 50 national associations and more than a thousand members, is to encourage members to actively promote international tourism trends, and travel the world to the culture and the promotion of friendship and tolerance. FIJET Hrvatskaje founded in 1965. The driver and the famous “the May meeting, international meeting of journalists and tourism professionals, leaders of government and politics, on the Makarska Riviera. He is an active member of FIJET, introduced this year, the category “Friends FIJET” for its business partners and sponsors, including the Tourism Ministry and the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ)