Sherpa fight ends climber’s Everest ambitions

02.05.2013. - Stipe Božić

Everest climbers abandon ascent after attack by scores of angry Sherpas

Currently two of the most world famous mountaineer Ueli Steck and Simone Moro give up the plan to climb Everest via new route, without oxigen and without the help of Sherpas. This decision was made after surviving attack hundred Sherpas in camp 2 at a height of 6400 meters above sea level. Still under debate who is to blame for the incident and many speculate that the owners of companies who organizing commercial expeditions to the Himalayas want to ban independent climbers. This has already happened in some of the world’s mountains. For example in Antarctica, you can not go without alpine guide even if you’re the best climber in the world. This is how freedom of movement disappears and toughest parts of the world.