25th anniversary of the first Macedonian climbing Mt Everest

10.06.2014. - Stipe Božić

On June 3rd, Macedonian mountaineers celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first ascent of the Macedonian expedition to Mt. Everest.

In the great hall of the hotel Alexander Palace rallied around five hundred fans mountains. The main organizers were Dr. Sasko Kedev and Nadir Murseli at the ceremony were invited all surviving members of the Macedonian Expedition Everest 89Former expedition leader John Poposki pictures and film briefly renewed memories of the first Macedonian climb on top of the world. The touching ceremony was mainly dedicated to the memory of Dimitra Ilijevskega – Murata, who is the tenth svibnja 1989th year, together with the associated members of the Macedonian expedition Stipe Bozic and Stork Grošelj and Sherpas Sonam and Agivom climbed to the top of Mount Everest but disappeared during the descent of the mountain. The tragedy was then overshadowed by the success of the expedition.Participants and sponsors the largest Macedonian alpine project assigned the occasional ice-axes.