For those who like photography

11.01.2016. - Stipe Božić

Photography – in a frozen frame you have to have the whole story in an instant replacing hundreds of words.

Stipe BozicAlpinist, writer, photographer, cinematographer and director. On the highest peaks of the world and the poles, deep under the earth surface.He climbed to the top of the 3 highest in the world: Mount Everest (8848 m), K2 (8611m) and Kangcenjungu (8586 m), and stood on the highest peaks of all seven continents.In addition to the mountains, in Luka’s cave, on Mt. Velebit he descended in to 1,395 meters deep underground, which added up to the height of Mount Everest is a kind of a world altitude record.With one international expedition on skis he reched the North Pole.On his journeys he made a multitude of successful photography and exhibited at joint and solo exhibitions, photos of his were included in the exhibition ‘Croatia photos from 1959 to today at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. He has authored numerous magazine articles, feuilletons, calendars and three books.He has directed more than 100 documentaries, most of which were shown on national television. He has participated in many international film festivals. The film festival in Trento in 1999 his film ‘Reticent Wall’ won the Silver Gentian ‘best sports documentary, a film Dhaulagiri Express’ was awarded at film festivals in Italy, Slovakia and Austria.He is a member of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service.