Hindukush 1975

27.01.2016. - Stipe Božić
With multimedia show we will return to the glory days of the Split mountaineering. Climb to the highest peak in Afghanistan Noshaq. It was one of the four best alpine successes in Yugoslavia, and ticket for later Himalayan adventures.
Alpine expedition “Hindukush 75” started from Split on 10th may 1975.
The task of the expedition was to climb Noshaq (7492 m) in Afghanistan.  10 members of expedition : Boris Siriščević, Mario Ivanisevic, Srdjan Vrsalović, Stipe Bozic – cameraman expeditions, Ivo Kaliterna technical leader, Goran Gabric, Vedran Deletis – doctor, Josip Ganza, Damir Filipovic and Vinko Maroević – expedition leader.
The climb, along with many difficulties, successfully ended on 30 June 1975 at 10 am local time when the Stipe Bozic and Boris Siriščević lunched green rocket from the summit of Noshaq and sent a sign that the goal was achieved. It was at that moment represented the altitude record for Croatian climbers.