Stipe Božić – award wining film maker

13.02.2017. - davor

Bozic is award winning film maker with more than 120 documentaries. Stipe have stood with his movie camera on the top of 3 highest peaks in the world: twice on Mt. Everest, once on K2 and once on Kangchenjunga. Since first distant journeys he always carried a movie camera.


Silver Gentian: best sport documentary in Trento (Italy 1999) for Reticent Wall

Audience Award on KIMFF (Kathmandu 2002) for Reticent Wall

Grand Prix for best film in Poprad (Slovakia)

Golden Camera for best alpine documentary in Graz (Austria) for Dhaulagiri Express

Awarded for best Adventure film on International film festival
in Split) for Ikarus over Kupres

Filmings imposiblle

The successful serial of films about climbing the SEVEN SUMMITS
Underwater filming in deeps off the Adriatic Sea
Serial of 3 films FAROS-PAROS. Reconstruction of ancient sailing from Croatian island of Hvar to Paros in Agean Sea in Greece.
Descended 1395 meter under ground in the Lukas Cave on the Mount Velebit in Croatia and made fascinating stories about underground (TV serial DEEPS)
First Croatian on to the North Pole, with skies and movie camera.


Hindukush ’75: cameraman.
Lhotse south face ’81: cameraman
Kang Guru ’82: cameraman and director
Manaslu ’84: cameraman and director
Anapurna south face ’92: cameraman
Zasto (Why – Everest ’79): director and cameraman
K2 Triumph and Tragedy: cameraman and director
7 Summits (TV serial of 18 films): cameraman and director
Deeps (TV serial of 10 films): director and cameraman
From Siberia To The North Pole: Cameraman and director
Mountains of Croatia (Tv serial of 8 films) director and cameraman
Karst and Sea: director and cameraman (Tv serial of 4 films)
Faros Paros:director and cameraman (Tv serial of 3 films)
Sacred Mountains Of The World: (Tv serial of 11 films) director and cameraman
River of Croatia: (Tv serial of 10 films) director and cameraman
Pustinje svijeta: (Tv serial of 10 films) director and cameraman
On the trail of the ancients: director and cameraman
Call 112: (Tv serial of 10 films) director and cameraman
Mate worldwide: (Tv serial of 10 films) director
Flying over Croatia: (Tv serial of 8 films) director and cameraman