Davo Karničar gave up on K2

15.07.2017. - Stipe Božić

Alpinist and extreme skier Davo Karničar has given up the second highest peak in the world, K2. The reason for giving up is the back injury.
According to the news sent by POP TV, Davo Karničar skied from Camp 1 from 6,000 meters to the base camp. It was a test skiing in which he injured his back. The injury is not tough but it does not allow it to be actively relieved in curves on a steep slopes. So he returns home.

This mountain has a terrifying reputation – so far, les than 400 people climbed to its top and 77 died. At the same time, Polish climber Andrzej Bargiel also intends to become the first man to ski from the top of K2 and he is advancing toward the top.

Otherwise, this year, a pretty crowd at K2. There have been many commercial expeditions. A total of 85 climbers are trying this summer’s to reach highest mountain in Pakistan, many of which are not well-prepared. Some are so poorly equipped that they have come to the base without a single meter of rope. Guides of commercial expeditions are angry at them and threaten them if they do not pay the use of their ropes back to the valley. The time of classic mountaineering seems to pass slowly. Nepalese agencies dominate the market, and Sherpas lead the way, though the Poles make their mark. The season of ascensions of this summer in the Karakórum pakistaní advances to its rhythm. A pace marked by the whims of challenging weather and demanding conditions that can become extreme in a short time. In this context, some testimony comes from the base camp of K2 (8,611 m), the highest peak in Pakistan and second on the planet, showing signs of everestization.