On this day 62 years ago was born Nejc Zaplotnik

On this day 62 years ago was born Nejc Zaplotnik .” As long as the eye can see, just mountains everywhere. Insolent, rocky pinnacles, glaciers, majestic, icy slopes of the highest peaks in the world. Groaning of the ice beneath me, blizzard, cold polar night, the soothing murmur of the glacial stream which slowly being cold in the ice, wind and trying to break away and push downward, tortured cheeks and fiery eyes of friends, ice on beards, frozen fingers, crackling fire, quietly muttering songs, tiny cracks in the rock that show time, the feeling of weightlessness, roads, waterways, airports, children, home, work, sleepless nights, knee-deep mud, rain, leeches, fear, courage, strenuous training day by day, partying , crazy chasing, slowly, quietly stepping lone traveler, success, happiness, sadness, disappointment, death, hard labor without rest, laziness, a warm home, love, danger, adventure …It’s all my life. The path that leads nowhere else but on the next time, and again at the next intersection. With no end. Freedom in the fullest sense of the word. I have been condemned to freedom, so I was free to the crowd of people who love me, and among those who do not care for me, I ‘m staying. I was with my wishes, dreams, hopes and I his eternal journey. “